2 Years of Giving, Learning, and Growing

Today, DivvyUp turns two, and it’s been one heck of a ride! Two years ago, our team embarked on a journey to give clean socks to Tallahassee’s homeless shelter. We didn’t know much about the sock industry or what it took to design and create a DivvyUp sock, all we… Read more

What Makes it a DivvyUp Sock?

As DivvyUp has grown from a small pop-up shop to designing our own products, the question has always remained, “how do you know it’s a DivvyUp sock?” We ran through every logo placement and material searching for that iconic “DivvyUp look.” We quickly learned that, while we think our logo… Read more

Blue Toes – The Quest to Localize Giving and Maximize Impact

It’s quite the societal achievement that in 2016, we’re all familiar with the one-for-one concept pioneered by TOMS Shoes (one pair purchased = one pair donated). The fact that a major cornerstone of commerce has successfully used business to reduce, or even eliminate the need for shoes in some areas,… Read more

DivvyUp X Safe Passage Project

There are a lot of us who grew up under a cozy roof, with a mother and father, maybe some siblings, and warm meals to keep us full.  Like the forthcoming Christmas holiday, you would gather around with family members old and new.  Everything was undoubtedly perfect, and the best… Read more

Race to Live

Every year in October, the Tallahassee community comes together and paints the town pink in honor of Breast Cancer awareness. Sprinters, joggers and walkers; survivors and fighters lace up their sneakers and participate in Zeta Tau Alpha’s annual 5k—Race to Live. One in eight women will be affected by breast… Read more

Dance Marathon

Think about the last time you danced for hours on end.  Whether at a club or a wedding, dancing is this sort of spiritual moment we get into.  The rhythm takes over us before we realize we’re shaking it in the shower, or when we’re the only one breaking it… Read more

The One for One Model

The “One for One” business model, pioneered by businesses like TOMS and Warby Parker, has grown rapidly since its introduction in the late 2000s. Although the two demonstrate different models of giving back, both are making strides toward social responsibility. As you may know, TOMS has been around since 2006… Read more

1 Year Anniversary

Today marks a very special day for us; it has been exactly one year since the DivvyUp brand was launched. What started as a part-time class project has become a passion and a sense of purpose for everyone involved. 2,961 pairs of socks have been gifted, and in turn, nearly… Read more

Visit to the Kearney Center

“That could be any of us,” were some of the first words I muttered to myself upon entering The Kearney Center, Tallahassee’s new homeless shelter.  The new facilities just opened this past Spring, and some 400 to 500 people waited to take a step into the 24/7 center.  Kearney provides… Read more

Why We Wear Socks

For most people choosing a pair of socks to wear is just part of their morning zombie-like routine. That boring drawer that holds all your black and white pairs of socks to me is a treasure chest that holds all my favorite items and the journeys they’ve been on. Read more