1 Year Anniversary

Today marks a very special day for us; it has been exactly one year since the DivvyUp brand was launched. What started as a part-time class project has become a passion and a sense of purpose for everyone involved. 2,961 pairs of socks have been gifted, and in turn, nearly 2,961 lives have been impacted.

As cliché as it sounds, it’s absolutely true that we would never have made it to this milestone without the help and support of every single one of you. We fully understand how fortunate we are to be able to combine a sustainable business with the reward of making positive change within the community and we will continue to use that as motivation for the future.

It’s incredible to look back and see the evolution of the brand over this past year and it is extremely exciting to see what year two will bring.

Stay tuned as we will be making a huge announcement within the next couple weeks. We would give the secret away, but at DivvyUp we like to keep you on your toes.

Until then, use the code HappyBirthday to get 20% off and Free Shipping on your next order.