Blue Toes – The Quest to Localize Giving and Maximize Impact

It’s quite the societal achievement that in 2016, we’re all familiar with the one-for-one concept pioneered by TOMS Shoes (one pair purchased = one pair donated). The fact that a major cornerstone of commerce has successfully used business to reduce, or even eliminate the need for shoes in some areas, is truly a testament to the ingenuity and hunger for change of this new generation. Chances are, you own a pair of canvas shoes or sleek Warby Parker glasses, and based on the integrity of those companies, you definitely gave a pair to someone in need. But do you really know where your pair went? Not even to whom, but to what country your donation landed in? Has it even been gifted yet?

In these questions lies the next advancement for the one-for-one industry, and we at DivvyUp are trying to provide those answers. Our company started with a pledge to meet the need for clean socks at the local homeless shelter, and we aim to bring that same transparency to our giving nationwide. The signature blue toe is the link to the socks we sell to the socks we give. Though it doesn’t explicitly state the company name or even contain the logo, the vibrant blue toe provides a reminder that each pair sold is a pair gifted to a homeless individual. Whether it’s disease prevention or simply a boost to morale, the socks you give are making a direct impact in someone’s life.

Unlike the vague model used traditionally in the industry, DivvyUp expounds on the promise to give. Through an interactive map on our Giving Back page, we show exactly where we’ve gifted and where we plan to give in the future. With each month, we select a new shelter to highlight as the recipient of that period’s sales. We strive to emphasize the true impact of your purchase and provide an assurance that you really are making a difference.

Though the entire one-for-one industry continues to define the balance between selling product and giving to areas in need, we at DivvyUp are taking “giving” to the next level. As an up and coming company, we feel that large, real change is just around the corner.