There are a lot of us who grew up under a cozy roof, with a mother and father, maybe some siblings, and warm meals to keep us full.  Like the forthcoming Christmas holiday, you would gather around with family members old and new.  Everything was undoubtedly perfect, and the best part might have been the food from grandma and stories from grandpa.  The problem is, some kids aren’t lucky enough to have those experiences.  As a matter of fact, there are a lot of children who face even worse circumstances.  Imagine being an immigrant child in the hustle and bustle of New York City, without any sign of help. That’s the reality of so many kids living in New York; at least until Safe Passage Project steps in. Safe Passage aims to aid immigrant children who have unmet needs living in New York.  This is achieved through quite a few ways, and chief among them is that Safe Passage provides legal representation to empower each child towards a better future. According to Safe Page Project, “We recruit, train, and mentor attorneys and unaccompanied minors in immigration court.” This is why DivvyUp Socks will throw their full weight behind the efforts of Safe Passage Project. The ideals of the not-for-profit organization seem almost common sense, but they are not common place. Safe Passage ensures fair and compassionate treatment of children facing deportation; and assist’s each child toward educational progress. The eternal hope is to make real the promise of children’s domestic and international human rights.