Dance Marathon

Think about the last time you danced for hours on end.  Whether at a club or a wedding, dancing is this sort of spiritual moment we get into.  The rhythm takes over us before we realize we’re shaking it in the shower, or when we’re the only one breaking it down on the dance floor during a family reception. Now imagine channeling that dancing towards a purpose; like dancing for kids in need of pediatric and medical care. That, in essence, is the mission of Florida State University’s Dance Marathon; or fondly known as DMFSU.

DMFSU is one of five founding Dance Marathon programs in the nation. The annual event has raised over 6 million dollars in the span of 20 years for the local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, Shands Children’s Hospital, and FSU’s College of Medicine.  In 2015 alone, DMFSU went on to raise a grand sum of $1,100,645.52 For The Kids.

Every year, DMFSU culminates in a 40-hour dance bonanza which is split into two shifts, appropriately coined Garnet, and Gold to match the colors of the renowned university.  Dancers, volunteers, and local members of the community keep the urge to dance alive with the help of local performance talent, student groups, and sponsored theme activities every hour on the hour.  The event is all the more special though, because of the inclusion of local families who have directly benefited from DMFSU over the years, and the fact that they get to interact with participants.

We are proud to help the efforts of the great folks over at DMFSU, and hope that the meeting of our two local endeavors will prosper for years to come. In the end, that’s what the year-long effort is all about; standing on two feet, shaking and grooving for those who can’t.