What Makes it a DivvyUp Sock?

As DivvyUp has grown from a small pop-up shop to designing our own products, the question has always remained, “how do you know it’s a DivvyUp sock?”

We ran through every logo placement and material searching for that iconic “DivvyUp look.” We quickly learned that, while we think our logo is great, it is way too complex to be knitted onto a sock (we’ll write a blog about the intricacies of sock manufacturing soon). So how about embroidering it? Well, it turns out that because of the thin lines, embroidery causes the socks to bunch up, especially if they go through the dryer. How about heat-pressing the logo? A great idea, except the logo will fade away after three washes.

You’ll have to believe us when we say we tried EVERYTHING in the book. Heck, we even considered completely redesigning our logo just to make it easier to knit. After exhausting the possibilities, we ultimately decided to take a new perspective on what the brand represents. When it came down to it, we realized DivvyUp is a company that works for those who can’t. A company that empowers the community to make a real, measurable impact. A company that helps regardless of whether or not people even notice. And then it all made sense, it’s not about the logo or the cool designs, it’s about what the brand represents as a whole, it’s about the giving, the fun, and the people who benefit from clean socks. The answer was there all along in the back of our mind and on the tips of our toes.

That’s when we realized our symbol isn’t a logo, it’s a color. In order to represent all that DivvyUp stands for, every sock we sell and every sock we give has the iconic DivvyUp Blue Toe. It is a small detail that serves as a reminder you made a difference in someone’s life.

For more about our mission to localize giving, check out our blog “Blue Toes – The Quest to Localize Giving and Maximize Impact.”