Why We Wear Socks

For most people, choosing a pair of socks to wear is just part of their morning zombie-like routine. That boring drawer that holds all your black and white pairs of socks to me is a treasure chest that holds all my favorite items and the journeys they’ve been on. When unlocked, my treasure chest holds an array of colors with unique and funky designs that can only be compared to my quirky and vibrant personality—fellow sock lovers know what I’m talking about. Though sometimes we forget how lucky we are to have this luxury. Other than their trendiness and enhancement to one’s fashion sense, socks are a true necessity to our wardrobe as they provide health benefits that are so often overlooked. Here are some reasons socks are essential for everyone:


  1. ODOR PREVENTION: No one really enjoys talking about odor, but the fact of the matter is that our feet have around 250,000 sweat glands. This means if each sweat gland had its own seat they could fill Florida State’s Doak Campbell Stadium three times!
  2. HEATING: During the winter our feet are most susceptible to frostbite and hypothermia. Throwing a pair of socks on before you hit the slopes, trek through the snow or just for style under a pair of boots can provide a layer of insulation for our feet and sustain temperature.
  3. DISEASE PREVENTION: By wearing socks, we drastically reduce our chances of catching Athlete’s Foot and many other types of Fungi we could encounter daily at places like the gym, shoe stores, and even those gross rental shoes at the bowling alley.
  4. PREVENTING FOOT PAIN: The simple barricade socks provide in between our feet and the ground, protect us from stepping on sharp objects, rough surfaces, and prevent accidents as well as enduring foot pain. For people who don’t have socks, walking around can be as painful as walking across a field of Legos!
  5. CLEANLINESS: Socks keep our feet clean and protect us from the harsh germs we encounter when we are exposed to dirt and dust. By putting on a clean pair of socks regularly, we are protecting our feet and providing them with a cocoon of cleanliness.


It is so easy to forget how important socks can be when we have so many pairs within our grasp. When we think about how different our lives and health would be without socks it can be scary. At DivvyUp, not only do you get another treasure to add to your drawer, but you’re giving someone else that same reward. It’s the best way to keep your feet and heart warm. Shop socks here.