1. How long does it take to get my socks?

    Orders ship in about 10 days from the date ordered.


    See the shipping FAQ below for shipping speeds.


  2. How much is shipping and how long does it take?


    • $3 flat rate shipping
    • USPS
    • 3-5 days for shipping


    Australia and New Zealand

    • $5 flat rate shipping
    • DHL Parcel Direct
    • 2-3 weeks for shipping


    UK, Germany, Canada, Mexico, China, Japan and South Korea

    • $5 flat rate shipping
    • DHL Parcel Direct
    • 1-2 weeks for shipping


    All other European Union countries

    • $5 flat rate shipping
    • DHL Parcel Standard
    • ~2 weeks for shipping


    Other international countries

    • Shipping calculated at checkout based on order size and shipping address
    • USPS
    • 2-3 weeks for shipping


    Please note that some countries, such as the UK and Canada, charge a customs fee that varies on the total value of the products ordered. This amount is not calculated at checkout and we recommend reaching out to your local mail service to get an estimate :)

  3. Can I get 4 faces/images on a pair?

    To ensure the highest quality socks/design, we only allow a total of 3 unique subjects on a single pair of socks. If you’re looking to get more than 3 faces on socks, we recommend getting a few pairs to mix and match :)

  4. How do I know my photo is good?

    Better photo = better socks! Here are some tips :)

    • Get the entire face of the pet/person (including the ears!) in the picture
    • Good consistent lighting on the face (outside shots with natural light are ideal, especially for darker pets!)
    • Nothing obstructing the view of the face (ex: pillow, tree branch, grass, etc)
    • Good resolution (standard digital camera/smartphone – doesn’t have to be taken by a professional photographer)
    • Try to avoid using a photo that has an intense yellow/orange tint shining on the face from lamps/bulbs
    • Straight on shots of the person/pet tend to look best on the socks
    • Avoid taking a photo of a physical photo

    Here are some examples of things to look out for!

  5. What is your policy for putting celebrities and other famous symbols/icons on socks?

    Due to copyright/trademark laws, we are not allowed to put celebrities, characters (ex: Mickey Mouse or Mario), symbols, logos, icons and other famous marks not owned by you on socks. 

  6. What is your return policy?

    Hopefully you immediately fall in love with your socks, but if for some reason there is an issue or concern, we accept all returns/exchanges. Ultimately, we want to make sure you’re completely satisfied with your purchase and we’re happy to help any way we can!

  7. What is your donation process?

    Our custom donation socks are distributed monthly to homeless shelters across the US; the map on the Localized Giving page can show you exactly what and where we give. We do our best to make sure everyone has at least one pair of clean socks, but please reach out if you have any ideas about how to spread the love!

  8. What are your sock properties and washing instructions?


    After many months of research, we have created a premium sock made from 96% polyester, 2% nylon, and 2% spandex. Each sock has an elastic arch, a no-show heel, and a hand-sewn toe seam for comfort.


    Your socks should hold up after many many wears/washes, but to ensure they stay in tip-top shape, we recommend washing them in cold water and low heat in the dryer :)


  9. Can I see a preview/proof of my design before production?

    To ensure the quickest production and delivery time, we are not able to send a preview before production.
    We completely stand by the quality of the product and design, so if for some reason you don’t absolutely love your socks please let us know! We are always happy to make it perfect for you :)

    If your pet is wearing an accessory or outfit, please let our design team know if you would like it included (or excluded) in the order notes at checkout. We read every customer note and will be sure to accommodate the request!

  10. Can I upload more than one picture/pet for my socks?

    Yes! We allow up to 3 subjects on a single pair of socks for a fee of $6 per a face :) You can add them using the upload tool on the product pages here: www.divvyupsocks.com/shop

    If your photo has more than one pet/person in it and you only want specific subjects on the socks, please leave a note at checkout in the “order notes” to let our design team know which person/animal(s) you would like.

  11. Can I upload different animals on the socks?

    Absolutely, we can do whatever you want! If there isn’t a template you want on the shop page, upload your photo to our Face Socks here and leave an “order note” for our design team at checkout requesting what icons/items you would like scattered on the socks :)

  12. Do I have to crop my own image?

    Nope! Just upload a picture with good consistent lighting, and our designers will handle the rest!

    If your pet is wearing an accessory or outfit, please let our design team know if you would like it included (or excluded) in the order notes at checkout.

  13. Can I get custom socks made for my organization/team/company/event?

    Yes you can! Head over to our Custom Sock page to fill out a request and we’ll get back to you shortly.

  14. I need help, how do I get in contact?

    We are always happy to help! Shoot us a message using the contact form on this page or an email at [email protected]

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